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1. Witnessing the indescribable suffering and poverty of the population, especially children, during our survey on the prevalence and morbidity of schistosomiasis in Ituri, DR Congo, the question that remained was what contribution we could make to ensure that such a situation would never be allowed to continue.

2.The name "CIRCUMFLEX", in the shape of the circumflex accent, was chosen to signify a kind of "blanket", or rather an "umbrella" to ensure the "protection" of these vulnerable people, but above all to get them out of this situation, which we are convinced is not a "fatality".


The CIRCUMFLEX Foundation focuses its activities on :

1. Health: including child, maternal and adolescent health; including ensuring access to health care;

2. Education: of the child, but also of young people and adults;

3. Safety: of the child and adolescent;

4. Integral community development;

5. Culture.


The CIRCUMFLEX Foundation aims to, among other things

1. Build the capacity of local community actors;

2. Strengthen public information, education and communication for change;

3. Promote schooling for all children and literacy for adults;

4. Fight against child labour;

5. Strengthen the social and health care of the population by promoting accessibility to health care for people through financial empowerment;

6. To promote research for integral development;

7. To promote cultural activities and local crafts;

8. To protect the health rights and interests of the population;

9. Combating all forms of violence against children and gender-based violence through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle;

10. Promote environmental protection and fight against hunger.


The CIRCUMFLEX Foundation is facing major challenges related to the socio-political and security environment and security environment which does not facilitate the realisation of all planned activities;


The CIRCUMFLEX Foundation intends to rapidly expand its reach beyond the province of Ituri. beyond the province of Ituri.


The CIRCUMFLEX Foundation already has to its credit :

1. The active participation of its members in the research activities carried out in 2016 and 2017;

2. The provision of free treatment for intestinal vermin and schistosomiasis in the schistosomiasis in the villages visited;

3. Free curative treatment of malaria cases found in remote villages;

4. Modest financial support to cover curative care for the few people who need hospitalization requiring hospitalisation;


Members gathered in the Circumflex Foundation to support those who have only the heavens as cover.

The Circumflex Foundation was created in Bunia with the aim of working and directing the other, for the promotion and defence of the integral well-being of our communities.

The overall objective of the CIRCUMFLEX Foundation is to contribute to the alleviation of the physical and physical and moral suffering of the people living in our local in our local communities, both rural and urban, by the improvement of their nutritional and health conditions, the supply of drinking water and continuing education. To fight against ignorance and poverty.

The Circumflex Foundation targets relevant elements such as facilitating access to health care, new information technologies, education access to health care, new information technologies, education modern agriculture and improved nutrition, the development of the child, the family and the promotion of women, will be sought, mobilised and offered to the population in order to reduce their vulnerability and impoverishment;







The members of the Circumflex Foundation


Monsieur MUTRO NIGO Maurice

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Monsieur LUMAGO LEMERY Eléazar

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors


Monsieur WAY ALEGE

Director of the Executive Committee


Madame MOSEKA ILELI Esther

Vice-Director of the Executive Committee



Chairman of the Audit Committee


Monsieur LEMERY NIGO Samuel

Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee


Monsieur AYIKO NIGO Patrick

Treasurer of the Control Committee


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Ituri, Bunia, Q.Bankoko, Av. Maniema 2, N°56


Call us at:

+243 82 60 16 200, +243 82 23 70 578